Scary Elevator Prank Video

How would you feel if you were trapped in an elevator all alone with a corpse? Do you think you would be as scared as the poor people in this video?...

Weird things going on at Area 51

I’ve always had a fascination with Area 51. I think this is probably due to me having lots of dreams about aliens when I was a kid and maybe watching too many scary videos. Take a look at these strange goings on at Area 51. Do you believe in aliens?...

Scary little fairy creature found in garden

Take a look at this scary little fairy creature found in a UK garden. Is this the first fairy to be caught on film? I’ve always had bit of a fear of fairs since being a kid…...

Ghosts caught on video tape

WOW! Ghosts really do exist. Watch this scary video and see if you really believe in ghosts....

Zombies take over New York

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun in New York. Take shelter, protect your supplies as this looks like it’s the start of the end of the world! Of course I am just kidding guys and gals. This is just a ‘Zombie Experiment’ that took place in New York a few weeks ago to test peoples reactions...

Huge jumping spider. Better watch out!

Spiders are becoming a hot topic here at Frightening.TV. Mainly because we all have a phobia of spiders. Take a look at this HUGE jumping spider. How can this guy let it crawl all over him? Anyway, take a look at this Scary Video and see if you are frightened by this eight legged monster...

The Worlds Largest Huntsman Spider!

These spiders are really scary. If I saw one of these on my wall I would be out of there in a shot!...

Scary things in the mirror!

I don’t know about you but I often have a fear of looking in the mirror in the middle of the night. You never know what you might see!...

Big Spider Invasion

I hate spiders and this would be my worst nightmare. I could not live in a house infested with these giant creatures. Just take a look at how calm this little girl seems around these huge scary monsters!...

Zombie Apocalypse: Naked Man Eating Another Mans Face Shot By Miami Police

WARNING: Graphic Description! The Zombie Apocalypse may have come much sooner than expected: Yesterday a naked homeless man was shot by Miami Police after he was discovered eating the face of another man. It took 4 shots to kill the assailant. After the first shot was fired the man continued to feed on the mans...

Guy smashes computer playing the Scary Maze Game

Posted 04 Mar 2012 in Scary Maze Game Videos

I think this maybe fake as I think it would be a little bit harder to actually punch you computer monitor and break it in this way. Having said that, this guy looks pretty scared after playing the Scary Maze Game. What do you think?

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Guy smashes computer playing the Scary Maze Game, 0.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
Posted by Frightening.TV


  1. Jenny (04 Mar 2012, 6:56)

    Ha ha. That’s soooo fake lol

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  2. John (04 Mar 2012, 7:11)

    This guy looks really freaked out. I think it is fake though.

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